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Train industry calls for fares overhaul

Train operators have called for an overhaul of the fares system including bringing in smart 'tap-in, tap-out' ticketing with single leg pricing, weekly capping and a smoothing of the 'cliff edge' between peak and off peak. Due the...

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Uber and the Ongoing Erasure of Public Life

Last September, Uber rolled out a rebranding campaign. A new television commercial showed car doors being flung open and the young and the old crowding in, flying out, and ending up in a small open-air mercado or at a lake. Though there were a few dr...

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Let's make rail transport sustainable

One of the key steps taken by the current government which will be remembered by Ghanaians for many years to come is the creation of a Ministry of Railways Development. As a result of the creation of the ministry, and true to the government’s...