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Transport Secretary Grant Shapps has announced a major rethinking of the £ 100 billion high-speed rail link between London and northern England, allowing the minister to “blindly follow” the blueprint dating back to the last Labor administration. Said it was gone.

Ministers will announce shortly delay On the eastern foot of HS2 Between Birmingham and Leeds, instead called the Northern Powerhouse Rail between Leeds and Manchester, the East-West rail scheme called HS3 takes precedence.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Chaps approves Northern Powerhouse Rails Midlands Railroad Hub, A scheme to improve the east-west link in the area and provide access to HS2 in Birmingham.

“The Midlands Rail Hub and Northern Powerhouse Rails were invented, not when the HS2 was first designed,” he said. “We need to work on these things together. Are we doing things in the right order in the best way?”

The Treasury wants to shrink the HS2 line between London and Birmingham before splitting it into two sections. The western section to Manchester will be built, but the eastern section to Leeds is at stake due to concerns that costs could exceed £ 40 billion.

Mr Shaps said ministers need to “go back and ask more questions.” report Last year, the government’s advisory body, the National Infrastructure Commission, proposed to postpone the Leeds section in support of prioritizing rail links between the cities of Northern England and Midland.

Boris Johnson is expected to claim that the Northern Powerhouse Rail is a faster way to take the high-speed train to Leeds via Manchester than the HS2, which is due to be completed by 2040.

One minister told FT that the government “Level up” agenda Rather than spending £ 40 billion on the eastern section of HS2, connecting cities in the north can reduce regional inequality. Chaps will launch a new integrated rail program in the coming weeks.

When asked if he would abolish the eastern section of HS2, Mr. Chaps said: It benefits people. “

Meanwhile, the Secretary of Transportation will begin competing between railroad towns on Monday and will be headquartered in 2023, the new state-owned agency that oversees rail travel, the Great British Railways.

He states: “We’re considering placing it outside London, where it also has railroad history and connectivity … York, Crew, and other well-known railroad towns will want to bid on it.”

Grant Shapps said the railroad bounced after the Covid-19 pandemic collapsed. .. .. It’s over “© Charlie Bibby / FT

Great British Railways will replace Network Rail as responsible for rail infrastructure. Supervise the awarding of contracts For private railway operators.

Mr. Chaps said he didn’t know how many people would work at the new headquarters, but revealed that he had landed on the organization’s logo. It contains the famous “double arrow” British Rail symbol, but with a union flag background.

He hopes Great British Railways will transform its network by transforming industry culture to prioritize customers, reducing costs and “harvesting the best of the private sector.” ..

Organizations collect income, set timetables and fares, and are billed for the transition to Net Zero Railroad. Chaps wants the Great British Railways to break the repeated public service announcements on the train.

The Secretary of Transportation claimed that the railroad bounced after the collapse of the Covid-19 pandemic, “the era of 2020-21’s huge £ 12 to £ 13 billion grant has come to an end.” He said railroad passenger numbers are moving at about 60 percent of pre-Covid levels.

Chaps recently Fuel crisis “The economy will handle this well,” he said, and said the transportation industry is making the necessary adjustments to higher wages.

“In fact, I think high salaries are welcome,” he added. It was “crazy” that the transportation sector was supported by taxpayers’ support of universal credit welfare benefits to supplement wages pushed down by cheap foreign workers.

Chaps said he wasn’t thinking about 5000 Short-term visas provided by the government to foreign truck drivers “It will save the situation.” Instead, higher wages and better working conditions were the answer. “I don’t want to undercut the system again,” he added.

Meanwhile, in another pandemic sector, the aviation industry, Mr. Chaps was optimistic that workers who participated in the government’s layoff plan would return to employment.

He said Covid-19 testing was reduced and travel restrictions were lifted. More countries off the government’s red travel list.. “I see some companies actively rehiring,” he added.

Shapps signals government rethink on HS2 with eastern leg at risk Source link Shapps signals government rethink on HS2 with eastern leg at risk


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