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Comcast Layoffs 2017


Comcast Layoffs December 2017: Sales Representatives to Be Laid Off in Chicago, IL

Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA), a global telecommunications conglomerate, laid off about 400 jobs in 2017 as a part of its restructuring plan. The company’s warehouse operations and business model will change to better serve its customers. The company says that this approach will need a smaller headcount for sales, as more customers sign up for online services. Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act (WARN) notices were provided to the workers in advance to get an idea about the mass layoffs; the affected employees could fill open positions around the state.

The sales representatives across the greater Chicago area and the Hobart office were notified about the layoffs in December 2017. As more customers are signing up for online services, the company needs to downsize the headcount of sales.

For this sake, a new territory-based sales model will be created to connect more closely with the company’s prospects and customers. Highly trained sales professionals will be responsible for entire neighborhoods so as to provide a better experience and service for customers during and after the sale. This will help to expand the company’s retail presence along with the growth of its digital and online sales platforms.

Comcast Layoffs October 2017: Almost 200 Sales Employees Laid Off in Oak Brook, IL

Comcast laid off 200 sales employees at its Oak Brook facility in October 2017. The jobs were moved out of state, closing its Chicago-area inbound sales operation. Comcast spokesman Jack Segal said the positions “will be consolidated into other inbound sales units in locations throughout our central division.”


Although jobs leaving Illinois was confirmed, the number of jobs was not disclosed. The monthly WARN activity listing for the month of August 2017 for the State of Illinois confirmed the WARN notification date as August 29, 2017. The first and ending layoff date was October 30, 2017, with 211 workers affected.

Along with the sales positions, Comcast also moved its call center employees from west suburban Oak Brook to another customer service center in Woodridge. The company said that the majority of its employees in the Oak Brook facility won’t be affected by the move as the displaced sales employees will have a chance to apply for other Comcast job openings either in the Chicago area or out-of-state.

Comcast Layoffs August 2017: Wixom, MI Warehouse Shut Down Led to 72 Job Cuts

Craig D’Agostini, Comcast’s regional vice president of external affairs, wrote about the company’s layoff in August 2017 in a letter notifying state officials. He stated that Comcast will lay off 72 employees at a suburban Detroit warehouse. The company will close its Customer Premise Equipment warehouse at 49800 Martin Road, Wixom according to the filing with the Michigan Workforce Development Agency. It has decided to partner with a firm that specializes in warehouse management and logistics, which will help create efficient warehouse operations, improve inventory management, and finally deliver a better experience for customers.

The impacted employees would fill open Comcast positions around the state and those who are unable to transfer to another position would receive a severance benefit from the company. The company would also offer outplacement benefits to help secure new jobs.

Comcast Layoffs June 2017: 88 Laid Off in NJ

In June 2017, 88 Comcast Cable employees working at a warehouse operations center received notice that they will lose their jobs as part of a company consolidation move. The official statement by Comcast says that it is making changes to its warehouse operations and business model that will enhance its overall operational efficiency, ensuring that technicians, business partners, and retail stores have the right equipment for the job every time so that they can best serve their customers.

The company also said that it is partnering with a firm that specializes in warehouse management and logistics, which will allow it to create more efficient warehouse operations, improve management and, ultimately, deliver a better experience for their customers. The workers impacted by the layoff will have an opportunity to work with XPO Logistics, which will probably assume Comcast’s workload area.

Restructuring is the most important factor for the success of a business. Companies cut jobs and create new ones. As discussed for Comcast layoffs 2017, along with the job cuts, it created the new opportunities, too.


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