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The Hamas terror group claimed Thursday that the Israeli Mossad was behind the killing of its drone engineer Mohammad al-Zawahri in Sfax, Tunisia final December.

"We determined instantly after the assassination to determine a fee of inquiry, and (its conclusions are that) the Mossad is behind the assassination," a Hamas official stated in a press convention in Beirut. "There was an inner debate in Hamas on whether or not or to not launch the outcomes of the investigation, and ultimately we determined there isn't a choice however to make the conclusions public, as a result of the Mossad is behind many assassinations from Abu Jihad (Fatah co-founder Khalil al-Wazir) to Imad Mughniyah (senior Hezbollah member)," the Hamas assertion added. " ; if (imgCredit != null) imgTitleFinal += "" + "(" + imgCredit + ")" + "" ; yq(worth).discover('a').attr('title' , imgTitleFinal); var str; var res; str = worth.id; res = str.substitute("citvCompId", ".magnifyPiccitvCompId"); imgTitleFinalAlt = ''; if (res != null) yq(worth).discover(res).attr('title' , imgTitleFinalAlt); yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).css('show', 'block'); yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).css(background: "url(/photographs/articlepiclightbox/enlarge.png)") yq('#'+worth.id).mouseover(perform() yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).css('show', 'block'); ); yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).mouseover(perform() yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).css(background: "url(/pictures/articlepiclightbox/enlarge-over.png)"); ); yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).mouseout(perform() yq('.magnifyPic'+worth.id).css(background: "url(/photographs/articlepiclightbox/enlarge.png)"); ); ) yq('.artImageLightbox .ya_main_relative_img').mouseover(perform() yq(this).siblings('.ya_enlarge_button').fadeIn(200).css('show', 'block'); ); yq('.artImageLightbox .ya_main_relative_img').mouseout(perform() yq(this).siblings('.ya_enlarge_button').fadeOut(200).css('show', 'none'); ); );
Mohammad al-Zawahri

Mohammad al-Zawahri

In response to the Hamas inquiry fee, preparations started a yr and a half earlier than the assassination when a feminine European journalist with a Hungarian passport contacted al-Zawahri to acquire info from him. Hamas claimed al-Zawahri refused to cooperate, as a result of he was suspicious of her.

The logistical preparations for the assassination, in line with Hamas, started 4 months previous to the execution of the plan.

The cell that killed al-Zawahri allegedly rented an condo and two automobiles, with the assassins getting into Tunisia with a Bosnian passport.

Hamas holds press conference to announce findings of inquiry commission

Hamas holds press convention to announce findings of inquiry fee

On the day of the assassination, the cell adopted al-Zawahri as he left a clinic. The assassins reportedly used one automotive to ram into the Hamas engineer's automotive, after which exited their car and shot him.

The commander of the operation was a person referred to as Yohan, in accordance with Hamas, and there have been three cells, together with one answerable for logistics and one other in control of finishing up the precise assassination.

Mohammad al-Zawahri

Mohammad al-Zawahri

Hamas confirmed al-Zawahri's ties to the group on the day after the assassination. "Al-Zawahri joined the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades a decade in the past. He acted towards Israel in protection of Palestine and was one of many commanders who supervised our UAV program," the group stated in a press release.

The drone engineer's spouse, Majdah Khaled Salah, advised Al-Jazeera about his alleged assassination.

"At roughly 1:50am we heard gunshots. I acquired out the door and began to run, I assumed at first it was a fuel explosion. However once I ran outdoors, I noticed my husband's automotive smashed in from the again. I ran round to the opposite aspect of the automotive, and I discovered my husband. I referred to as out to my husband, calling him by his different identify 'Murad.' I stated 'Murad, reply me!' I put my hand on his coronary heart and his garments have been filled with blood. His telephone fell into my hand. The bullet hit his coronary heart. It was one bullet to the guts and one other to the throat," she recounted.


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