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With its third party logistics division (3PL) and multimodal transportation services, Robinson is one of America’s Fortune 500 companies. Logistics and warehousing, transport management, and brokerage services are offered by the company. The company carries truckload, less than truckload, air freight, intermodal transport, and ocean transport services.

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Robinson A Big Company?

Having handled one in every every eight packages, C. is a major logistics platform globally. logistics problems for companies in over 100 countries as well as for an array of industries. Our logistics capabilities amount to more than 21 billion cubic feet a year and 19 million shipments every year; we are one of the largest freight handling companies in the world.

Robinson Provide?

Take advantage of our supply chain expertise by connecting you with our experts in freight logistics and transportation. We offer a range of transport services, including truckload, less than truckload (LTL) and ocean, air, and contract logistics management.

Robinson A Freight Forwarder?

As one of the world’s largest 3PL providers (3PL), we have an integrated network of 280 offices and thirteen thousand employees that helps customers handle their daily logistics, Fresh Pick & Pick Products, and Managed Services.

Robinson A Public Company?

Corporation of Eden Prairie, Minnesota is an organization whose headquarters is located near Fort Worth, Texas. As of 1997, Robinson (CHRW) shares are traded publicly on NASDAQ.

What Does Ch Stand For In C.

Charles Henry Robinson, C. (retired), led our company on a mission to transform lives forever. In a few years, Robinson from operating as a wholesale produce brokerage firm into an international company specializing in logistics and distribution.

Robinson A Fortune 500 Company?

As of 2014, Robinson works with six thousand transportation providers in 63 countries. As of 2015, Robinson employed 13,400 people and earned $13 billion in revenues. By 2015, the number was $5 billion.

Robinson Have?

Is Robinson’s headquarters a hery and office locations. Across 37 countries, Robinson owns and operates 242 office locations including its headquarters in Eden Prairie, MN.

How Do You Get Load From C.

  • East: +1 630-577-1730.
  • Midwest: +1 630-577-1710.
  • West: +1 630-577-1760.
  • What Is Considered A Freight Forwarder?

    Transport cargo for shippers on behalf of their clients is the responsibility of a freight forwarder. The typical services provided by freight forwarders include o sea freight transport) or sea freight transportation and air freight transport.

    How Do I Know If A Freight Forwarder Is Legit?

    Become a Freight Broker. In order to operate, freight brokers need the appropriate licenses and credentials. By law, all freight brokers must comply with the FMCSA’s regulations. Find out if the broker you are working with is licensed on its website.

    Is Ch Robinson A Nvocc?

    Our alliances include multiple major alliances with one of the largest NVOCCs worldwide. You have no reason to doubt the safe sailing of your FCL and LCL/consolidated cargo when transporting it through major trade routes with reputable carriers.