Truck overturned on Anatolian Highway: Ankara direction was closed to transportation .

Highway Transportation



In the Düzce section of the Anatolian Highway, the iron plate loaded truck under the administration of SF fell over as a result of the driver losing control of the steering wheel.

The driver of the vehicle was injured in the accident.

112 Emergency Service teams, who came to the scene, took the injured to the hospital.

While it is learned that the injured person’s condition is good, the vehicles on the highway are transferred to the D-100 highway by exiting the Hendek tolls.

On the other hand, in the statement made by the General Directorate of Highways, it was said, “On the Anatolian Highway Gümüşova Ramps, the route has been completely closed to traffic. The traffic has been transferred from Hendek Junction to the D-100. The traffic that accumulates in between is transferred from the shoulder.”

Source: TRT Haber

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